The  Lakehurst Elementary School art department is discipline-based art education. It combines studio skills, critical thinking, aesthetics, and art history. Students will work in a wide range of mediums: drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, graphic design, collage, and film. We cover art from its origins,  to contemporary works and artists of today. The elements of art and the principles of design are instilled throughout the various projects. Creativity and imagination are highly stressed!!  The eighth and seventh graders are now working on a calligraphy lesson. The sixth grade will be beginning to design a book cover illustration. The fifth graders are working on completing their game board designs. The third and fourth graders have begun an illustration or painting of Cubism, modeled after the work of Pablo Picasso. Second and first grade are creating finger print illustrations. Kindergarten has begun a project on Pointilism, influenced by the dot paintings of Georges Seurat.The children at Lakehurst have unbelievable creativity!!!