•  Welcome to a new year at Lakehurst Elementary School!  Let's work together to keep your children in their top physical form and promote a safe and healthy school environment for all!

    You can help fight childhood obesity!  Encourage your child to eat a wide variety of healthy foods, limit computer and TV time and engage them in daily physical activity.  You are their role model!  Set a good example and they will follow!

    Help prevent head lice!  Please remind your children NOT to share hats, combs, brushes, pillows or anything else that comes in contact with their hair.  Notify me immediately if you notice intense itching of the scalp or tiny white/tan oval specks attached to the hair shaft (looks like dandruff flakes, but are hard to remove).  If lice is detected, hair must be treated with a special shampoo and all bedding, combs, brushes and clothes that come in contact with hair must be washed in HOT water.  Furniture, carpets and car seats must be vacuumed thoroughly.  I will check children's hair periodically during the school year, but I also need you to check them at home.  Remember, lice do not jump or fly - they spread by direct contact.

    Please support your children and our school by joining the PTA!!!!